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The African American Student Union at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design is dedicated to supporting the advancements of African Americans in the areas of architecture, real estate, urban planning, urban design and landscape architecture.  By providing the opportunity to build strong relationships with Harvard’s African American students, alumni and intellectuals in the field, GSD AASU’s members are empowered with the resources to not only transform their communities physically, but socially as well.
Founded in 2012, GSD AASU has created networks with other Harvard schools, and has staged special events and speaking engagements.  Working closely with Admissions and Dean Moshen’s Diversity Initiative, the group has already made a great impact on the university: for the first time ever, all African American students offered admission to the GSD in spring 2013 accepted.  This is one of many accomplishments to come.

GSD AASU was founded by Jean Lauer, LF’12, and Tracie Curry, MLA1 ’12 who also served as the groups first president. Hector Tarrido-Picart (MAUD & MLA ’15) and Tessa Kaneene (MUP ’14) are this years co-presidents. Ms. Lauer serves as GSD AASU’s Chairwoman.


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